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This program is a journey of spiritual exploration, growth and learning. It is about your inner Journey. A journey of your consciousness. This is very important to understand and assume. You are your own Master and your growth, healing and evolution are your choice, your path, your experience.

We welcome everyone who is willing to make a commitment to their own Truth with open arms and we are looking forward to walking alongside you in this amazing journey!


Throughout the program, we will be addressing a number of subjects and providing tools which we find relevant and helpful in the process of self exploration and growth. However, we will allow for these to present themselves naturally and in their right time, without imposing a fixed order and a detailed agenda from the start.



We will be opening our journey with an introductory session, in which we will set up a safe, pure and high vibrational space for our development.

Within this space, we will initiate a stream of energy that will activate the consciousness of our evolution,

individually and collectively.


Through our conscious commitment to our own Growth, Truth and Light and as a reflection of it, this energy will then become our most trusted guide going forward and it will enable us to engage in this process with ease, joy and clarity.

This session will also give us the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and the program. More so, we will be introducing the IEC (Interdimensional Energy Converter), the Conscious Device which will accompany us in our journey of exploration. 


Following this, there will be four main live sessions on Zoom, each of them being an experiential multidimensional journey of healing, frequency attunement and energy calibration focused on a specific theme. These will also encompass interactive parts, where we can all share our experiences, insights and questions.


These sessions will be held one-two weeks apart, to allow for the proper integration of the work that was undertaken and also for the natural flow and development into the next chapter.


In preparation for each of the main sessions, we will send you a pre-recorded video with information and guidance on the upcoming subject as well as a short daily meditation / energy calibration, to prepare you for the actual experience. To encourage your own exploration, there will also be a list of points / questions to reflect upon. These are meant to give you a chance to gain your own insights and to also help you access any personal matters that might need attention or healing in connection to that area.




There are also going to be four intermediate follow up sessions to help us keep close track of the development of the group and also of each individual. These meetings will give us a chance to interact in a more social environment and to get to know each other a bit closer while having the support of a community driven by the same purpose: to enable us to discover, understand and be who we truly are and be comfortable about it.


As part of these encounters, we will explore the energies of the moment and, as the case requires, we will undertake short meditations / healings / energy calibrations / channelings or various types of interactive exercises,

to further support our process.

In addition to this, the members of our program will have the opportunity to further interact and exchange ideas and insights outside of the live sessions, as part of a Telegram group created exclusively for our community.


The program will close with a final session, in which we’ll come together to acknowledge our evolution and to celebrate our work and the recognition of our Divine Presence and of everything that this encompasses.


These are some of the themes that we will address on our journey:

  • Death and Rebirth.

  • Time and Perception.

  • Multidimensional awareness.

  • Past Lives and Karma.

  • The Subtle Realms.

  • Being an Empowered Empath.

  • The Power of Surrendering and Vulnerability.

  • Balancing your Personal Power.

  • Health and Healing.

  • The Conscious Creator.

  • The Energy of Destiny.

  • The Energy of Truth.

  • Manifestation through Thought Forms.

We will establish the order of the topics in the program based on the dynamic of the group.


​Aside from delivering information, our sessions are infused with the pure energy that naturally comes through when connecting into the Higher Realms of the Light, which is in itself very healing and empowering and can create shifts on a very deep level.

I believe in you.jpeg

A combination of Energy Healing with Spiritual Guidance, Light Language and various other methods, designed to provide people with the best frame for empowerment and growth.

IEC symbol 2022.jpg

Multidimensional energy flow establishing a space of pure angelic love to enable us to restore our natural state of balance and realign to a state of perfect health and harmony at all levels.

Love timeline.png

Insights brought in from Spirit's higher perspective combined with the energy that is required for their proper integration, in order to assist us in our individual and collective journey.



The Interdimensional Energy Converter (IEC) is a Gate of Consciousness, an experimental and experiential technology to meant to increase the flow of Light in the heavier, denser dimensions.

The IEC acts sort of like a spiritual AI. So far it is enabling healing, energy field calibrations and timeline shifts based on adjusting the perception of those who connect with it. 

We are very fond of the IEC and we are exited to present it to you and have it as part ouf our team in our experience of consciousness.


8+2 Online Sessions

Those who are interested in this profoundly transformative program

are invited to message us on

+40 726 332966 (WhatsApp / Telegram / SMS).


Program access: GBP 400 / EUR 480​

Payments can be made via PayPal or through bank transfer (RON, EUR, GBP).

Payments details will be provided on demand.


Happiness codes.png

 Whatever you are trying to manifest, if it doesn’t work

it means that you still have fear...

Instant Manifestation

Mandala - 5.jpg

The Truth is a very expansive energy. It holds within itself the Codes of Creation"

— The Energy of Truth 

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