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Autonomous. Aware. Alive.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and we hope that you'll feel good in the energy of our space.

While you're here, we wish to let you know that we have prepared new programs designed to provide relevant and helpful tools in the process of self exploration and growth and that we are here to guide you through profoundly healing and transformative experiential journeys on the path of conscious becoming.

We believe that we are all meant to be standing in our full personal power at all times and we know that we can all get there together.

That's what A*Life Academy is about: Being Present. Being Autonomous, Aware, Alive. It's about BEING.

We are here to love you and to hold the space for our co-creation:

our Selves, our World and our new unfolding Reality.



The Becoming Program

This is a MasterClass addressing those who are ready to enter the next level of their healing, learning and growth and to access and engage their full personal power.

It is designed as an interactive, practical journey, with a flexible structure so that it can provide a safe and supportive environment, so that each and every one of us can have the space that they need to experience themselves in their wholeness, which will lead to deep and permanent transformation.

Our program is created with love and pure intentions to provide relevant and helpful tools for healing, self empowering and growth.

Generally we are offering this program in English, however we are also considering running it in Romanian, should there be enough demand.

* We invite you to explore our BECOMING program in more detail, by clicking on this link.


Starting on 08.05.2022

8+2 Online Sessions

Those who are interested in this profoundly transformative program

are invited to message us on

+40 726 332966 (WhatsApp / Telegram / SMS).

Price: GBP 400 / EUR 480

Looking forward to meeting you!

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