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I think I have this gift: to listen you in a way that you find your own answers. And I think it's in me that part of the Momo girl who knows how to listen and bring light.


I recently learned that this word, GuRu, is a union of two words: GU which means darkness and RU which means Light. The GuRu can be anyone who brings light into the darkness. I discover that I can bring light through what I am and use that in meetings with people.


I don't have many former education in Spirituals or other initiations here on Earth. Just I have tasted some of the more techniques, so for me, I did not intend to make a profession out of it. I load up and do it with pleasure.


I did inner research for many years and I practiced what I received as information from different sources.  To bring light and help us learn a certain emotional hygiene is on my way. I'd love to contribute to that.


One day I realized that Questions are like knocking on a door. I'll open the way for you if you make room and open them. Questions pave the way for answers. I'm the bridge to the resource you need. The question asked in a certain space (of the heart, of the truth, of love, of non-judgment, you tell him how it fits) heals and brings clarity.


These are my main tools that I use in the process of accompanying the other: QUESTIONs and LISTENING.


The more I do my job and train on the conscious experiences, the more inspired I am and the results are produced even instantly.


I feel we all go through the challenge in one way or another. Some points are common. For many of us the process is similar. 


The frog. Block. You are scared. You don't understand what's wrong with you and which is your way. You have a heart. You are feeling tired. You no longer know how to communicate with others. Something is missing. You want to do what you love. You can't find your place anymore. You want to know what you're good at. 


You want to break the chain. You sense something and you look for OTHERS. 


You understand something and you wonder how to use them or you feel that you still don't understand the essentials. Feel like you can. You feel the need for fresh air, for normalcy. You are looking for the essentials. Something that will give you strength. You are overwhelmed by the expectations of others.


You already know how big you are and you want to do something about it. You feel there is more space for improvement. 


You feel like you're getting yours. You don't want to end up like yours. You are afraid of losing your loved ones.

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It is like an Obedience that lets be all it needs to be, without judgment. Just with acceptance, gentleness, warmth. A statement that says I'm here for you, I see you, I listen to you

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The question asked in a certain space (of the heart, of the truth, of love, of non-judgment, you tell him how it fits) heals and brings clarity.

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If you want me to accompany you on the journey, to be the person to turn on the light in certain situations in your life,

I invite you to sent me your message to +40726 332 966 (WhatsApp,Telegram, SMS).

The working session lasts an average of 80 minutes

and they can be undertaken online, via Zoom or Google Meet.

The schedule for guidance will be agreed privately.

Thank you for your presence!

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