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Dear Soul Traveller,

As you step into our space, know that your Presence is being honored and received with love.

This is a space of authenticity, truth and safety, outside of judgment and prejudice.

It is a high vibrational space which we have opened for all those who find themselves in a process of deep transformation. We are holding this space out of our purest intentions, for everyone’s highest good.

Many of us have already come a far way in our own spiritual journeys and, if you’re one of those who made it this far without giving up on yourself, we bow to you.

We know that this journey requires a lot of commitment, faith and strength and we know that it can be very challenging. We know that it can often feel confusing and even painful, however we also know that this is the right way. There’s always that deeply ingrained knowing in all those who are continuously choosing this path, that this is the path that will bring us home. That’s our journey back to ourselves, a journey in which every step is revealing a bit more of who we are and what we are truly capable of, as we are becoming a bit more able to accept various aspects of our Self.


We recognise that many of us are already tired, especially tired of being misunderstood, misjudged, alone and at times even doubtful about whether this is indeed the way forward.

We’re here to remind you that you’re not wrong to hold onto your beliefs and that you’re not alone either. We’re all in this together and that’s what makes it easier for all of us.

Our next step onto our path is to start recognising ourselves as one: one consciousness, one entity, one light. It’s in this state of oneness that we find ourselves at home, in a space where we feel supported, connected, accepted and unconditionally loved.

In this space we can grow without fear, we can feel safe to explore with joy and curiosity, to create, to try and fail, to mould ourselves and our world out of truth, to be miraculous.

We’re here as your companions, as your guides, as the observers of your growth, as your co-creators. We are holding the vision of a community of hearts, working together, learning together, evolving together organically, manifesting as a network of light into this world.

We are here to bring love to each and every aspect of you, especially to those parts that you believe to be the least loveable, because those are the parts of you that are indeed in need of the most love. And we are here to see this love growing exponentially out of all of us, blooming into beauty within and all around us.


We are here to witness your experience of consciousness revealing the greatness of your True Self.

We are all Creators and we’re here to change our world by changing ourselves. Together as one!


Looking forward to experiencing together our Journey of Becoming!

Namura & Georgiana

LT I believe in you.jpg


The Becoming Program starts on the 8th of May 2022!

8+2 Online Sessions

Those who are interested in this profoundly transformative program

are invited to message us on

+40 726 332966 (WhatsApp / Telegram / SMS).

Price: GBP 400 / EUR 480

Looking forward to meeting you!

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