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Thank you for everything I learn from each meeting!

Georgiana - Mihaela

Elena, Bucharest

What I appreciate the most about Georgiana is the creative freedom that she offers to the team by always pursuing new ideas and courses of action, while motivating people to generate solutions and to become better at what they do.

She knows exactly what the desired end result for a project is, so she always defines her goals very clearly and works smart to complete them, in spite of the challenges. Most of all, I admire the way she combines her instinct with extensive business knowledge in decision-making situations.

Otilia, Romania

The first time I met Georgiana, she seemed to be a kind, people oriented, responsible, analytical and creative woman. These things were confirmed as I started working with her and besides all these, Georgiana proved to be a good strategic thinker and a good listener. She also knew how to motivate me, trusted me, had patience and was concerned about my needs and desires. Her self confidence, optimism and desire to learn and be better inspired me and made me believe in the future success that she will achieve along with her team.

Izabela, RO

Georgiana is really a gentle person with a natural human intuitive.
She takes quality time with you to really listen and gave me insights that I really resonate with and will use along my journey. Thank You!

Raluca, RO

Georgiana is open mind and heart. I appreciate her flexibility, her delicacy, freedom, empathy and altruism.  Much love! Thank you!

Elena, RO

Georgiana combines care for the client with acute observation and depth of knowledge. This makes her stand out!
She is generous, loving and has a high-level of integrity. 

Mihaela, RO

Georgiana is a dedicated person, open to face challenges of any kind. Always ready to learn and keep up to date with everything new, Georgiana approaches each project with exemplary professionalism.

Corina, RO

When you want good results from a collaboration, choose to work with people who constantly challenge you to be better, because they themselves always aim to be better, people who receive from you the same challenge with delight. It is something I have learned from the experiences of the last year of collaborating with Georgiana​.


I really appreciate and recommend you.​

Alice, Canada

A velvet glove in a steel hand, that's how I can describe Georgiana. She is a determined, determined, hardworking person and manifests herself with warmth, joviality, femininity, candor, kindness, care, compassion.

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